Safe with me

My OCs McKenzie (Kenz) and Patrick (Trick), they’re brother and sister. Trick is younger than Kenz and he is a werewolf while Kenz is a witch. :)

"Its all simple magic"

A quick sketch of my OC Kenz who is a young witch :)

Happy Mother's Day

My Mom’s gift from me :D which I couldn’t print because my printer ran out of Magenta so all those pretty colors turn blue and green -.- I should buy a new one, its giving me too much trouble this one (this time was my fault tho haha)

Hello! My name is Anne M and I’m a graphic designer who loves to draw :D

TheĀ purposeĀ of this is for me to create and show my original work, with an occasional fanart (probably for Sketch Dailies). And also to improve in this field I hope to work all my life!

Hope y’all enjoy! Good day/night